High-Volume, Windrow Composter


Highly Profitable , Environmentally Safe , Solid Waste Management

In a single pass, the Green Machine will turn your windrows inside out to assure that maximum composting action is achieved. With The Green Machine you can efficiently turn, shred, blend, and thoroughly aerate up to 8 ft. by 20 ft. windrows of any compostable organic waste materials ( leaves, grass, sewage sludge, garbage, manure, contaminated soils, ect.. ) at a field-proven rate of 3,000 - 4,000 TPH (tons per hour)

The complete composting process can be accomplished in a matter of weeks, depending on your specific materials and conditions.

Natural internal heat is released from recently turned "active" windrow. The Green Machine assures maximum composting efficiency is not only sustained, but actually enhanced through its superior processing action.

Advantages of the Green Machine

: Turns the same amount of soil per hour as 6-12 excavators depending      on size and age of machines.
: The amount of oxygen and heat generated in the turning process is      superior.
: Environmentally Friendly, uses less resources to get the job done faster    and of higher quality.
: Maintenance for 1 tractor not 6-12
: Diesel for 1 tractor not 6-12
: Operator for 1 tractor not 6-12
: Only need to transport 1 tractor to site not 6-12
: Advanced Technology behind the Green Machine is Proven.
Advantages for your business

: Cheaper
: Faster
: More Profitable
: Higher Quality
: Prestige
: Best Option for the Environment
: Ahead of your competitors
: Self Explanatory

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